Property Management System & Booking App

Transform to offer new experiences tailored to Japan's travel.

Property Management System & Booking App
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OYO Japan rebranded itself as Tabist to transition from a global, homogeneous hotel chain into a brand that offers unique experiences tailored to Japan's travel and accommodation environment. Tabist aims to highlight the charm of diverse and special accommodations throughout Japan by utilizing unprecedented ideas and the latest technology.

The Case

The development in the field of travel pushes Tabist to optimize its service management, boost productivity, and attract more customers and partners in the travel industry.

Numerous tasks are involved, from receiving bookings from customers to dividing these among each partner and the Tabist system. In addition, various services are managed, ranging from booking channels and sales partners to internal services such as room management, gyms, pools, bars, etc.

They changed the brand from OYO Japan to Tabist, using digital transformation to create a new brand identity and to enhance the charm of unique accommodations throughout Japan.

By creating a comprehensive Property Management System (PMS) that integrates all hotel management operations into a single digital platform and by developing a new hotel booking app, Tabist aims to offer unique experiences to customers.

After in-depth discussions with Tabist about the product concept and market objectives, our team at Tokyo Tech Lab was pleased to take on the project and execute it well. Beyond the scope of creating the PMS, Tabist also allowed us to develop their hotel booking app and provide Quality Assurance services for their existing systems.

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The Results

Robust Infrastructure

Robust Infrastructure

An advanced and secure cloud infrastructure capable of handling 20,000 requests per second and zero-downtime employment, the SaaS is robust and is optimized for continuous and widespread use.

Well-designed APIs

Well-designed APIs

Equipped with well-designed APIs and is ready for third-party integration that offers true scalability and personalization to whichever company that chooses to use it.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Security is always a top priority. Regular cyber security audits are held periodically and with every update.

User-friendly Apps

User-friendly Apps

Both web and mobile apps are developed with user-friendliness in mind, making the software very easy and practical to use.


  • Worked closely with Tabist team to build a product development roadmap and resource allocation plan.


  • Proposed the architecture design and technical solutions.
  • Created the UI/UX design assets for development.


  • Rapidly developed and tested the system according to the design


  • Provided quality control and pentest support in a long run

Within only six months, we faced difficulty integrating with a third-party system under strict requirements. We also had to migrate the existing data without touching the database. This required our expertise to investigate the best methods to adapt to the client's requirements within a tight schedule.

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We have completed Property Management System (PMS) to manage all services within Tabist hotel system. This PMS also connects to booking apps, not only from Tabist itself but also from its partners.

Tabist Preview Image

Their mobile app has good and user-friendly design with full of information. It's really a new experience to customers and lead to their satisfaction.

Technologies used

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