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Tokyo Techies Scholarship program

15 July, 2023

Tokyo Techies Scholarship program

The Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program was established in 2023 by CEO of Tokyo Techies, Mr Ba Duc Do.

The program aims to provide excellent students majoring in Information Technology with scholarships to study Japanese, experience more Japanese culture and would like to develop a career in Japan.

Duc Doba, the founder of Tokyo Techies ( - Tokyo Tech Lab Vietnam’s siblings company, has over 12 years of software engineering and product management experience at leading Japanese tech companies like SoftBank, LINE, and Rakuten.

In 2005, while studying Computer Science at the University of Engineering and Technology - National University of Hanoi (VNU-UET), Duc was granted a scholarship from the Japanese corporation AXXISOFT - which opened his doors to study Japanese and eventually work in Japan. Inspired by the power of giving, Duc long dreamed of creating a similar scholarship program that supports college students in their academic and professional growth back home in Vietnam.

After 16 years of living in Japan and 5 years of successfully growing Tokyo Techies, he is now launching the Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program (TTSP) to provide outstanding university students in Vietnam with a scholarship to learn Japanese, deepen their knowledge of Japan, and discover new opportunities to work with Japanese companies upon graduation.

With this start, we hope to give more and more opportunities for the youth in Vietnam to have a better environment and conditions to study and to develop their careers to meet international standards.

About the detail information of the Scholarship Program, please kindly check below:


The candidate must fulfill the following conditions:


  • The candidate is a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in a university in Hanoi for 4 years or 5 years
  • The candidate is a 2nd or 3rd-year undergraduate student enrolled in a university in Hanoi
  • The candidate currently majors in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Computer Networking at a university in Hanoi


  • The candidate must have a relatively high GPA for 2 years
  • The candidate must provide their Transcripts of Academic Records for 2 years
  • The candidate must be able to speak English to a certain extent
  • The candidate must provide at least one recommendation letter from their university professor


  • A scholarship recipient will receive:
  • A certificate of scholarship given by TTSP
  • Monthly financial support equivalent to 20,000 JPY ( duration: 2 years)
  • A Japanese training course (duration: up to 2 years, depending on the selected courses and skill development speed of each individual)
  • An internship offer from Tokyo Tech Lab (where the student can gain practical IT and communication skills via cross-border IT Research and Development projects)
  • (To be decided) A short trip to Japan to experience the global working environment at Tokyo Techies located in Tokyo
  • High chance of getting a job offer from Tokyo Techies Corp. and partners in Japan, or Tokyo Tech Lab in Vietnam


The scholarship recipients can decide to apply for a job position at Tokyo Techies and its partner companies after graduation. However, TTSP does not require scholarship recipients to sign any contracts in which they have to promise to work for Tokyo Techies for a certain period of time.


If a scholarship recipient cannot continue the program for one of the following reasons, the scholarship will be canceled immediately:

  • Miss 50% of the Japanese lessons in a month without reporting the reasons beforehand
  • Receive negative feedback from Japanese teachers or mentors at Tokyo Tech Lab (regarding attitude and commitment)

Method of Application

1. Submit the required documents to Tokyo Techies via the link or scan the QR code


2. Receive an interview invitation via email, and confirm the schedule

3. Attend an interview with Tokyo Techies as scheduled4

4. Wait for the result informed by Tokyo Techies via email (within a month)

(NOTE: Tokyo Techies is not obligated to provide applicants the reasons for rejection)

5. (If accepted) Follow Tokyo Techies/ Tokyo Tech Lab's instructions to sign up for the Japanese training and internship program.

Our Partners

1. Tokyo Tech Lab Viet Nam JSC (Hanoi) -


Tokyo Tech Lab (cofounded by Duc Doba and his friend Le Dao in 2019) is an IT company that provides IT consulting and product development services to enterprises in Japan, Europe, and Vietnam.


Tokyo Tech Lab helps TTSP to process the payment for the monthly financial support and Japanese training fees. It also offers scholarship recipients an internship opportunity at its office in Hanoi.


2. Core Corporation (Tokyo) -


Core Corporation is an IT consulting firm that provides Japanese enterprises with business requirement analysis and development support. Its CEO - Mr. Hiroaki Otsuka- is the former CEO of AXISSOFT Corp., which gave Duc the scholarship in 2005.


In TTSP 2023, Core Corp. gives the scholarship to 1 out of 6 students selected by Tokyo Techies.


Tokyo Tech Lab

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