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Friendly football tournament with Phenikaa university

10 July, 2023

Friendly football tournament with Phenikaa university

The talents of Phenikaa University Faculty of Information Technology had a friendly match with Tokyo Tech Lab’s players.

On April 2, 2023, at the stade of Phenikaa University, a football friendly match took place between the young talents of the Faculty of Information Technology of Phenikaa University and the enthusiastic players of Tokyo Tech Lab. 

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This is a particularly meaningful activity for both teams to strengthen solidarity as well as enhance physical fitness for students and staff of the teams. 


Attending this event, there were: Mr. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Hong Son - Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, Phenikaa University; Ms. Dao Thi Hong Le - CEO of Tokyo Tech Lab Vietnam with the leadership, staff and students of the two teams. 


The football exchange took place in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement, leaving many beautiful impressions in the hearts of many participants. This is really a useful and interesting playground, a healthy cultural environment, an opportunity for the two teams to exchange, learn and promote the sports spirit and the health training, and at the same time to improve the spirit of solidarity between the two sides.

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At the match, the two teams created an extremely lively atmosphere and devoted a lot of beautiful and dramatic balls, and as well as regretful misses. Although the tournament ended with the victory of the K14-CNTT4 team, it did not discourage the spirit of warriors of Tokyo Tech Lab. Look forward to the next friendly matches of Tokyo Tech Lab!


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