Working enviroment

30 July, 2023

Working enviroment

Tokyo Tech Lab always aims for an ideal working environment based on the care and respect for each member.

Tokyo Tech Lab (TTLab) understands that building an ideal working environment plays a big role in motivating employees to develop and devote themselves to the success of the company. Let's have a look at the professional working environment of TTLab!


1. Creative and relaxing workspace

TTLab believes that a comfortable and friendly working environment will maximize productivity and work efficiency, helping TTLab-ers always have energetic working days. 


To suit the nature of work, the office is designed with open space, with few partitions to increase interactions as well as convenience in work exchange. The office is filled with natural light and greenery, we also have a reading area, a pantry full of food and an entertainment area with relaxing games such as football, pingpong, board game,...

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The common recreation area has a lot of games to help relieve stress

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TTLab-ers participate in the annual foosball tournament to create cohesion

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Open workspaces filled with sunlight

2. Development of the young generation

In addition to the veteran and experienced staff, TTLab also has a large number of young enployees.TTLab regularly organizes programs, training classes and sessions to share knowledge and experience on the job to improve skills and expertise for Gen Z. Coming to TTLab, young employees have the opportunity to work in an open environment where they don’t hesitate to develop themselves. During the process of working, they are always well professionally oriented as well as trusted to be empowered in their work. 

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Knowledge sharing sessions are held regularly in TTLab


Beside professional knowledge training classes, TTLab-ers regularly attend weekly English and Japanese classes. With the nature of work that needs to be exchanged and connected with partners from many different countries, the company wishes to foster the foreign language proficiency of all employees thereby improving their qualifications and increasing their work efficiency. The daily development of TTLab's members is the factor that leads the TTLab family forward and reaches new milestones.

3. Creating an ideal working environment

TTLab always makes an effort to create a working environment and not least friendly, open to every individual to promote creativity, potential liberation itself, henceforth create differences. Coming to TTLab, each member is always respected, listened and shared; each employee feels that he/she is an important link in a united and strong group. All your efforts and achievements are recognized and rewarded by TTLab in time, which is a great motivation to help you find excitement and be ready to take on new challenges at work.

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At TTLab family, all your achievements are recognized and appreciated

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We always recognize all efforts and dedication of TTLab-ers

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What are you waiting for without joining and becoming a part of Tokyo Tech Lab's talented team!

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