Tokyo Tech Lab Internship program

30 July, 2023
The Internship program at Tokyo Tech Lab is a quality IT personnel training program in the form of On job Training.

The program caught a lot of attention from IT students who are seeking to gain hands-on experience, learn knowledge through real projects in a business environment.

1. About the company

Tokyo Tech Lab provides cutting-edge business management software solutions and IT consulting services. Our team develops custom software for clients, efficiently addressing real-world challenges through top-notch digital transformation, while ensuring cost optimization.

The establishment of Tokyo Tech Lab revolves around two core missions:

  1. Training and nurturing IT professionals with the expertise to meet international standards.

  2. Creating widely utilized technology products globally.

2. TTLab focuses on enhancing human value

To accomplish our second mission, we primarily focus on the mission of human development. With that goal in mind, we build and implement top-notch policies and training programs, concentrating on honing skills and enhancing the professional expertise of our staff.

In addition to offering training, we foster an environment of dedication and excitement, empowering our team members to pursue personal growth and attain exceptional achievements in their careers.

With Vietnam boasting a plentiful workforce, well-equipped with fundamental training, and combined with the professional working atmosphere at Tokyo Tech Lab, our engineers have collaboratively developed products that bolster businesses' competitive edge in the global market.

3. Experience as an intern at TTLab

TTLab places a strong emphasis on its core mission of elevating the standard of training. Distinguished from conventional internship programs, our 4-month interns experience On-the-Job Training, a method that involves learning through practical engagement and on-site guidance. By participating in official company projects, interns have the opportunity to interact with clients and grasp their specific requirements.

At TTLab, you will undergo the training process as follows:

  • Understanding project documentation is the first step in the training process. You will receive the project materials for the development you will be participating in and will be mentored with detailed instructions.

  • After having an initial grasp of the project, you will be guided further on the specific project guidelines.

  • The practical implementation stage comes after you have mastered the rules and specialized knowledge to be ready for real-world challenges.

  • Your code will be carefully reviewed and edited by the project leader.

In parallel with specialized knowledge training, the leader will also provide you with training on project task management, time management, problem-solving skills, and other necessary skills to make you a "full stack" of yourself.

If you are ready to face challenges and bring creative inspiration, join us, and together, we will explore an unlimited future for the IT industry.

4. Requirement - Priority

With the desire to seek candidates who want to work, learn and experience real projects in the field of Information Technology, TTLab Internship Program is a program for 3rd and 4th year students, undergraduate or newly graduated students who are oriented to be trained and to become the core employees of TTLab. 



  • Students majoring in Information Technology with passion and interest in the field of Information Technology – Software

  • Master basic knowledge, be active, proactive in research, willing to learn and absorb the knowledge

  • Have been experienced and tried out personal projects or large and small assignments at University/ College

  • Willing to listen, learn to achieve the best results


  • Students who are in their final year / about to graduate, working time is at least 32 hours/week, priority is given to candidates who can work full-time

  • Students with awards/initiatives recognized by Universities

  • Elite students recognized by Universities

  • Students get actively involved in collective activities, extracurricular activities

5. Recruitment

Don’t forget to visit the website: to update the latest recruitment information!

Detailed information about the jobs will be sent to you by the Tokyo Tech Lab Recruitment team via:

 phone.webp Hotline: 096 171 1600


Tokyo Tech Lab

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